Our Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process

Our Hiring Process

What to expect during the application and hiring process

A review of your qualifications: After applying online, you will get an email confirming your information was received. We evaluate each candidate’s educational background and work experience based on the specific position requirements. If qualified, you can expect a phone screen from a recruiter. If not, you’ll be automatically notified that your application did not meet the requirements of that particular job. We do hope you will continue to apply and be considered for our other opportunities. To receive email alerts about new jobs as they become available, join our online talent community.

Application status updates: The online application system is designed to keep you informed throughout the hiring process. To check the status of your application, log into your job seeker account.and view the status on the position(s) you have applied for. If the position has been filled or cancelled, you should see an update in your online job seeker account.  

Phone interview/preliminary screen: If your application meets the job requirements, you will be contacted by a recruiter to further discuss your education, experience and work history.  The recruiter will present a list of pre-screened candidates to the hiring manager and determine next steps in the interview process.

In-person interview: If selected to move forward, your recruiter will schedule an in-person interview with the hiring manager. Centura Health uses behavioral-based interviewing techniques to understand how you handled or performed in past employment-related situations. Behavioral-based interview questions ask for examples about your experience with regards to goal-setting, creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, prioritizing, accomplishments, opportunities to improve, managing stress, etc. To prepare, you’ll want to think about actual examples of situations to reference during your in-person interview. A variety of general interview resources can be found online (keyword search: behavioral interviews or job interview tips).

The assessment questionnaire:  Our goal is for every associate to enjoy a long and fulfilling career with Centura Health. All nursing positions (and other select roles) require completion of a 30-40 minute online assessment as part of the application. Assessments such as these help companies better understand the compatibility and alignment between applicants and the organization for a successful employment partnership. Once your assessment is completed, the results will be emailed to Centura Health and remain part of your applicant record (counting toward additional application submissions) for a six-month period of time. There is no “pass or fail” and applicants can retake the assessment after six months.

Reference checks: When being considered for a position, you will need to provide the names and information of five (5) contacts for the online reference checking process (Note: we request five contacts to gather a minimum of three responses). Please prepare your reference list in advance and ensure the email addresses are accurate. The employment application includes a section where you will enter your reference contact information. References may include supervisors, co-workers, charity or volunteer coordinators/participants, teachers, professors, mentors, coaches, team members and any others who can attest to your experience, skills and character. Please advise your references to expect an email request from our vendor-partner (SkillSurvey) and encourage a timely response.

Post-offer/background/pre-employment health screen: If selected, Centura Health will extend a contingent employment offer to you. Details about your compensation and benefits will also be shared at this time. For general information about our compensation practices and benefits, please refer to the Pay, Benefits and Well-being page. Associates who receive an offer will be required to undergo a background check, pre-employment physical and test for drug and tobacco/nicotine use. Generally, the physical will consist of bending, lifting, stretching, etc. to ensure physical demands of the jobs can be met. Physical testing may vary depending on job requirements (example: flight/air rescue role). You will receive a complimentary biometric screening at the time of your drug screening. This biometric screening checks BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Completing this screening will make you aware of your numbers, establish a health baseline for you to measure against and help you prevent health conditions today and in the future.

The pre-employment testing/health screen is required within 48 hours of offer acceptance. Your recruiter will provide a list of health screen/testing locations. Typically, the pre-employment health screen takes about an hour. Calling in advance to schedule an appointment is recommended. Results for the complete background, health screen and drug test average five to ten business days. A human resources representative will contact you when you are cleared to start work. You will not be notified about your pre-employment test results unless there is an issue.

Get ready for day 1 – new hire paperwork:  You’ll need to make an appointment with your entity or workplace human resources representative to submit the required new hire paperwork and obtain a Centura Health ID badge. Depending on your hiring entity, someone will contact you or you’ll receive instructions to schedule the appointment. If you have questions about your workplace (parking, building access, etc.), jot them down to ask during this visit so you feel prepared for your new job!

Centura Health is a drug-free, nicotine and smoke-free employer: To deliver optimal health care value, it is important that we first serve as a role model by internally promoting the benefits of health and wellness. As of Jan.1, 2015, Centura Health expanded its smoke-free workplace policy and no longer hires tobacco users in Colorado and Kansas. This includes use of all nicotine products including smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes. A test for nicotine is part of our pre-employment screening process. For more on this, we’ve provided a short video explaining how this decision aligns with our Mission and Values.

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